Results, Budget and Performance

WIPO is unusual among UN organizations in that we are almost entirely self-financing.  In our 2016-2017 biennium budget, about 94 percent of the expenditure approved by our member states will come from income generated by the fee-paid services which we provide to users of the international registration systems through the PCT, Madrid and Hague Systems.

Program & Budget


Results Based Management

We use Results Based Management at WIPO to place performance at the heart of how we operate. Results Based Management guides the way we plan, manage, report and – very importantly – how we learn lessons to improve our future planning.

  • WIPO Results Based Management Framework PDF, Results Based Management Framework (RBMF)

Program and Budget

Every two years, WIPO's Director General presents a Program and Budget to member states for approval. It details objectives, performance measures and budgetary planning for all proposed activities.

Program Performance Reports

Every year we submit a Program Performance Report to our member states. This is our main accountability tool for reporting on our organizational performance.

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