Case Studies on Intellectual Property (IP Advantage)

The case studies in the IP Advantage database offer insights into how IP works in the real world, and how its successful exploitation can contribute to development.


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(Photo: Flickr/Paul Miller)

Disputing a Name, Developing a Geographical Indication

The IP dispute surrounding rooibos tea brought attention to the product’s unique characteristics attributable to its geographical origin as well as its historical link to the indigenous people of South Africa.

(Photo: Uncharted Play)

Harnessing Energy and Lighting the Future

A fusion of soccer and socket, SOCCKET is a simple but effective invention that allowed the four female founders of Uncharted Play to merge fun and business with social and environment challenges.

(Photo: Thailand Trust Mark/Bertram Chemical)

Protecting a Brand, Changing an Image

Bertram Chemical, one of the largest producers of traditional Chinese medicine in Thailand, utilizes iconic trademarks and trade dress as part of a branding strategy for its popular Siang Pure products.

(Photo: Eole Water)

Turning Air into Water and IP into Profit

Eole Water, a forward-thinking company based in France, patents wind turbine technology that draws water from the air and provides safe drinking water for millions of people around the world.

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