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The future of intellectual property: opportunities and challenges

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry reflects on the future as a new wave of revolutionary technologies begins to test the premises and practices of the intellectual property system.

Artificial intelligence and copyright

As the use of artificial intelligence by artists becomes more widespread, the distinction between artwork that is made by a human and that made by a computer is becoming increasingly blurred with interesting implications for copyright.

The power of branding and design: Thailand’s Qualy goes global

Thanks to its quirky aesthetic, a sense of humor and an understanding of the strategic importance of intellectual property rights, a small family-run design company in Bangkok, Thailand develops a global footprint.

Breathing new life into Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa sector

Trinidad and Tobago’s once-mighty cocoa industry faces many challenges. Find out what one young entrepreneur is doing to help revive the cocoa fortunes of this twin-island state.

Transforming Arab cinema with MAD Solutions

Renowned Arab film analyst and CEO of MAD Solutions, Alaa Karkouti, explains how his cutting-edge film promotion and distribution studio is supporting the development of Arab cinema at home and abroad.


Digital pioneer, Jaron Lanier, on the dangers of “free” online culture

April 2016 -Jaron Lanier is a Silicon Valley insider, a virtual reality pioneer and one of the most celebrated technology writers in the world. But he is increasingly concerned about today’s online universe. He explains why and what it will take to turn things around.

Remix Culture and Amateur Creativity: A Copyright Dilemma

June 2015 - Many commentators today are talking about the “age of the remix”, a practice enabled by widespread access to sophisticated computer technology whereby existing works are rearranged, combined or remixed to create a new work. They make it sound as if remixing were a novel phenomenon, but a brief glance at human history reveals that it is in fact nothing new.

Video Games and IP: A Global Perspective

April 2014 - Since the launch of the first mainstream game console by Nintendo in 1985, video games have become a global industry worth an estimated US$65 billion. It is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry and an important driver of economic growth.