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The artist’s resale right: a fair deal for visual artists

The artists’ resale right ensures that artists receive a small percentage of the sale price of a work when it is re-sold in global art markets. At present, the right is optional under international copyright law but visual artists want it to become mandatory.

Leveraging Malawi’s creative talent

In 2016, the Government of Malawi ramped up its drive to translate the promise of Malawi’s creative wealth into concrete economic outcomes. In July 2016, Parliament passed a new copyright law which set the scene for Malawi’s creative sector to take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.

The informal economy in developing nations: a hidden engine of growth

Innovation is happening everywhere, including in many small and informal businesses in developing countries. A new WIPO book explains how. Sacha Wunsch-Vincent and Erika Kraemer-Mbula, who edited it, talked to WIPO Magazine about the project.

Global Innovation Index 2017: innovation feeding the world

GII 2017 benchmarks the innovation performance of 127 countries. As the global population continues to rise and competition over natural resources increases, this year’s report focuses on the importance of developing sustainable and inclusive agri-food innovation systems to avert future global food crises.

Kenyans turn to drought-tolerant maize variety to fight poverty

Find out how DroughtTEGO® maize developed by the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) project, is boosting yields and changing farmers’ fortunes in Kenya.


Digital pioneer, Jaron Lanier, on the dangers of “free” online culture

April 2016 -Jaron Lanier is a Silicon Valley insider, a virtual reality pioneer and one of the most celebrated technology writers in the world. But he is increasingly concerned about today’s online universe. He explains why and what it will take to turn things around.

Remix Culture and Amateur Creativity: A Copyright Dilemma

June 2015 - Many commentators today are talking about the “age of the remix”, a practice enabled by widespread access to sophisticated computer technology whereby existing works are rearranged, combined or remixed to create a new work. They make it sound as if remixing were a novel phenomenon, but a brief glance at human history reveals that it is in fact nothing new.

Video Games and IP: A Global Perspective

April 2014 - Since the launch of the first mainstream game console by Nintendo in 1985, video games have become a global industry worth an estimated US$65 billion. It is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry and an important driver of economic growth.